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Site Suggestions / Problems

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  1. how do you put pics up?
  2. Why is my upload folder full? I can't post pics.
  3. Could a Mod IM me, please?
  4. 2 different Moderators locked the same thread
  5. Telling Mazda3Forums users about a carbon fiber company
  6. why two dyno topics?
  7. Posting Pictures and avatars
  8. MODS...please view this thread...
  9. New replies
  10. Trouble uploading avatar
  11. BECOMING A SPONSOR: My Emails aren't returned?
  12. Halloween humor
  13. Products and/or Services from Members to Members
  14. Firefox + lots of pics = weirdness?
  15. ADMINS???
  16. Hey mods - can you go easy on the thread locking?
  17. This forums smiley pack
  18. thread of the week
  19. Chadlybear now Relaxinkindly
  20. Change of the Forum Logo?
  21. Don't like a thread? Skip it!
  22. Locked topics
  23. Just Don't Get It...
  24. what is the max number of private messages?
  25. Recent topics
  26. Avatar
  27. Delete topics
  28. Edit: Unread Post Link Broken - Works Now
  29. Why no street racing?
  30. delete post after stuff is sold *ITEM SOLD*
  31. What happened to umnitza
  32. adding an age section in profile...
  33. users online link
  34. Site Question about blue shape under name/title
  36. Quote system not working
  37. Logout button doesnt work...
  38. Run Time Error
  39. Need advice re: how to insert or attach images to a message or reply...
  40. Changing a display name
  41. test...
  42. to much of the same thing
  43. IRC server, can we have one?
  44. I can't tell who's browsing each forum/thread
  45. News Box
  46. Show previous posts & redirect after posting in a thread
  47. I cant get my avatar to work??? WTF
  48. Avatar Problems
  49. Where to post to complain about a vendor??
  50. Forum Tone
  51. Problems accessing forum
  52. buggy site
  53. BBC Code reference page (sticky plz)
  54. Post count off
  55. How to resize pic??
  56. Rating System What do you think?
  57. pic problem
  58. Paypal Donate Button not working!!
  59. Bottom of the page, index link
  60. TSB section please
  61. mods need to read
  62. Tottaly off topic
  63. Upload folder
  64. how do u post pics here?
  65. scrolling text
  66. Specific colored posts
  67. Unanswered Post
  68. Mazda3 Wiki
  69. Show unread posts = black hole posts
  70. 0 Members and 0 Guests Viewing?
  71. Never Received License Plate Cover
  72. signature pics
  73. Gallery Upload Pixel Limit!!
  74. Recent Messages
  75. Can't post small jpegs?
  76. -1 Replys?
  77. Anyone else having trouble getting into pm's??
  78. It wont let me upload my pic on my profile
  79. I can't see the replies to my post.
  80. maintenance and care section
  81. link from gallery to forums
  82. "Get New" button
  83. Forced Induction Forum
  84. searches
  85. PAYPAL Donate button not working...
  86. Rollover Thread Previews
  87. Unable to quote other posts
  88. No email confirmation
  89. Problems with quoting a post
  90. How do i use the new forum look?
  91. What do you want? What is missing?
  92. help me I cant get into my mazda3stratos account (Moderators help me)
  93. Sorry, but this board is currently unavailable. Please try again later.
  94. Private Messages
  95. New Site login Problem
  96. Joined Date
  97. We now have a calendar
  98. How to create a gallery page?
  99. Change the 2nd link...
  100. Permissions issues? Can't see a forum? Can't post in a forum? Post here
  101. New Forum Software! Have you found any problems?
  102. view all button
  103. PM sent box doesn't display
  104. What do you guys think?
  105. hanging after making a post.
  106. Problem- Everytime I log on...
  107. PM not working
  108. Animations with Firefox
  109. Login Question
  110. Those of you that noticed graphics probs over the last hour
  111. posting my 3 pics question
  113. All-Posts option for multiple paged threads
  114. gallery
  115. Find All Posts By User?
  116. Some sigs and Avatars are unappropiate
  117. Privacy of the private messages...
  118. Egosearch error
  119. Parts listing section?
  120. Dunno if this Idea wwas brought to light
  121. Hover pop-up
  122. shop locations directory
  123. Advertising costs?
  124. Error while posting
  125. UK specific area in Europe part of forum please
  126. Assistance finding thread.
  127. We need a member list that is searchable by city and state
  128. changing forum member status
  129. Wow! Everybody read this about using a usefull subject!
  130. Does the board observe daylight savings time?
  131. No page 2
  132. How To: Post Pictures
  133. Gallery
  134. member search
  135. The forum changes are nice but...
  136. Doesnt allow me to stay LOGGED ON!
  137. Title under name...
  138. uhhh?
  139. nice custom title
  140. Hotmail Users and others who do not get an Activation E-mail
  141. non-volatile bbcode settings
  142. Unable to create an Avatar
  143. Cant sign in after email change
  144. A mod request.
  145. new posts
  146. Private Message Popup Window
  147. Anyone notice....or know why.....
  148. Trying to link...
  149. Suggestion? Electronics Discussion
  150. Increase Character Limit for Car Profiles
  151. Bandwidth hit
  152. Powerplant suggestion
  153. Curse of becoming a MOD
  154. Printer Friendly
  155. Off the wall Phpbb capabilites question.
  156. Question about forum labels
  157. Page selction
  158. New emoticon ideas?
  159. The Wooden Mirror
  160. flashchat
  161. Register issue
  162. random page-load errors
  163. Quick Reply
  164. parts suggestion
  165. Sweepstakes?
  166. Mobile Version?
  167. Error uploading to Gallery
  168. Delete Old Repeated Posts
  169. Error while posting
  170. Could we please fix some of the links?????
  171. Maintenance & Care moderator
  172. A request, Dan
  173. "Senior Member" banner
  174. Is there a way to put the forum's smileys into AIM?
  175. wtf is up with mods (in particular, the whore)?
  176. How do we change our rank banners?
  177. dude, i want to edit my post, and it says i can't.. cmon
  178. Have noticed lots of changes!
  179. topic preview?
  180. heres my site sugestion.
  181. user titles back???
  183. Changing link title
  184. Avatars
  185. dif templates
  186. Suggestion: Tooltips
  187. Template->make_filename(): Error - file does not exist
  188. Problem with "view posts since last visit"
  189. Problem when viewing posts since last visit
  190. do you have php/mysql skills (pref. with phpbb exp)
  191. Pics
  192. User titles
  193. WAp
  194. Skip to unread messages
  195. no forget to upgrade the board...
  196. can't send PM's?
  197. Quick question..
  198. Signature Size
  199. Most of the informative posts are gone?
  200. MazdaSpeeders
  201. Gallery upload problem
  202. Can get the gallery to upload pics.
  203. ATTENTION: People who CANNOT Log In
  204. Where did all my posts go?
  205. fabrication section
  206. Accolade Banner Link
  207. My Avatar keeps disappearing
  208. where's the service/warranty/service bulletin section?
  209. Gallery not working...
  210. Search Not Working
  211. Signature
  212. Message Boards List
  213. You have a lot of users!
  214. runnning a search
  215. How long is Marty McFly gonna be featured for???
  216. Password.
  217. I want to post picture of my car....
  218. Level titles under username..
  219. profile....
  220. forum crashes firefox
  221. Searching by Title
  222. Avatar Problems
  223. 1024x768 resolution and still scrolling
  224. Posting pictures??
  225. Links within thread refer to old server?
  226. Strangecube is down!!!
  227. Prominently display the "benefits of membership"?
  228. What is the deal with the Avatars
  229. Calendar
  230. mysql connection limit reached
  231. Gallery KB limit reached
  232. Rookie's Avatar Question
  233. "Personal Attacks" Section
  234. singles section
  235. ATTN MODS: Warnings for non-work acceptable posts
  236. New Skin
  237. rss feed?
  238. "Mark all topics read" malfunctioning
  239. Missing TSB / Recall link on main page
  240. M3F... what a change...!
  241. the "guesshosting raffle" box on the main page...
  242. I've got an idea
  243. More sections
  244. M3F layout width, is there a standard?
  245. Option to turn off signatures
  246. links at the top of the page...
  247. BBCode Help
  248. Adding Pictures
  249. unofficial "dealer feedback and ratings" forum
  250. How to upload a pic from your hard drive to a message