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biped 03-22-2008 07:46 PM

shades of blue
i just want to take a moment here to give out some love for this band.

just got this cd today and i am absolutely hooked. i am a bit of a music geek, owning quite a bit of vinyl and cds as music has comprised a lot of my life. i hear different shit unendingly and this is the freshest album i've heard in a long time. easy comparisons that come to mind are the grooves layed down by the music as well as the melodic structure and swagger of the immortal led zeppelin, but that is only half the story. this band manages to somehow remove the best parts of the former and latter while combining them with a tight rhythm section that would get kyuss moving.

the band manages to capture a lot of the flavour of rock and roll that has always meshed well with me, but the key part here is nothing is overdone. much like a clean car, no note seems unnecessary. it isn't a matter of less being more (this can be dangerous in music), the talent owns, it just seems the definition of "tight but loose" if you catch my drift. while i must confess to being a bass fiend, it is the bleeding guitar solos that put it over the top for me. goddamnit, homie can play.

rarely do i listen to an album these days for the first time and instantly enjoy each song on a different level. 8 songs is not enough.

and i wasn't even baked when i listened to it :) although that will be rectified shortly.

the album is called "set sail", and the title track is my favourite so far.

if you're ever in the houston area, i would highly recommend taking in a show. have a few drinks and maybe even shake your ass. i would. oh, and look for a black mica hatch in the parking lot. the drummer drives one.

*txmica3* 03-24-2008 04:08 PM

Re: shades of blue
hey bro, thanks for the kind words! (i didnt realize this was here :lol:)

im glad you liked it. your one of the only forum feedback's ive gotten, so i wasnt sure the reactions. its been a busy year for sure preparing these songs/doing final touches for this cd (after all, were all high school seniors too :P) but were all very pleased with the outcome. for those who have not a clue whats going on, heres a link to the origional thread i posted: (sound clips are in there even if you just want to take a listen)

i still have plenty of cd's as well, if anyones interested shoot me a pm.

a few sidenotes i feel i should post:
-listen to the cd in whichever order unless baked, in which case listen to said tracks from the beginning to end. youll thank me after the last track :lol:
-yes all my drums fit in the back of my hatch, wM ftw..

siscim23 03-24-2008 04:18 PM

Re: shades of blue
Hi Elliott.

I like royal blue.

*txmica3* 03-24-2008 04:22 PM

Re: shades of blue
[quote author=siscim23 link=topic=106460.msg2177105#msg2177105 date=1206386327]
Hi Elliott.

I like royal blue.

that is indeed a shade of blue :goodjob:

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