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Work so far to perfect my baby!!!
Here is all the work from new cv shafts and lower control arms to coil over to new clutch and clean transmission and well whole new front end!!!
20180320 125046  This is it the finish project now time to boost this baby
20180318 133242  here is the new suspension and brakes!!!!
20180317 143812 my baby is back in and ready to go!!!!
20180313 182922  new mounts are in
20180310 165536 installing the engine back in
20180310 165543 before the new coilovers
20180310 165526 before new coil overs and rotors and tire rods
20171206 111414 just cleaned her and shes ready to go.
20180306 182445  my new clutch in!!! beautiful..
20180227 071246 had to take the outer transmission out to clean and replace the clutch and had to replace that ugly control arms on both sides and...
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