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Change of Forum Management

Dear Users of FMVperformance Automotive Communities sites:

Today marks a special day for FMVperformance sites including and As of now, FMVp sites will be owned and operated by MZ3sZoomZoom, Operator and I, as well as the rest of the moderation team, will remain in place to oversee the day-to-day front-facing operations of the site, but the back end including paying the bills, running the servers, and attracting advertisers will be done by

Other than some new admins doing the site maintenance and behind-the-scenes work, very little will change. As an end user, you will still have access to all our forums, galleries, and other features.

The history of our sites, especially and, is a long one, and much has changed. In 2003 when I and a group of like-minded folks launched, we were moderators and users of looking for a place to discuss the Mazda3. Likewise, less than a year later Mazda6Club and we agreed that should be launched as a sister site to us. Today, is owned by and I am the only remaining original admin or content creator. In 2003, I was an undergraduate student at Bentley College with too much time on my hands. Today, Im an attorney in Connecticut needing to make a living. Weve had various problems with the servers over the past year or so, and Ive had less and less time to deal with them. When offered to purchase the forums, it was an opportunity I felt fair to both the users and myself.

I will still be involved in the sites, as time and interest permits. However, this new arrangement allows me to free to have fun with the sites as I see fit, while removing the headaches associated with running them. Due to time constraints, Ive rarely been on the sites over the last couple years, and our moderation and administration teams have done a great job of keeping the sites running. That also means that little should change for the end user Im just being replaced by an entity with more resources, time, and interest.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns please feel free to let us know. If you have a desire to contact me directly, I will still be available on these forums as MZ6ZoomZoom or on e-mail at drhamad(at)
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