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Re: Merry Christmas to me (divorce)

That really sucks in a lot of ways. Certainly not in defense of your, soon to be, ex-wife, but odds are good it wasn't finances that drove her to divorce, probably other stuff as well.

Men tend to bitch about what is bothering them up until the end, women bitch about what is bothering them, but then they clam up and let is fester and decide just to trash the relationship in the end. So it seems like it came out of nowhere, but it frequently is grounded in something. That of course isn't always 100% true about either gender, but that is the pattern in most divorces. I find it funny to as women tend to be the 'more open' gender...but not when it comes to their relationship least not about serious problems.

+1 on what Fatabbot is saying.

For the wife, definitely hit her for child support. Also if you have joint accounts, there isn't really any choice on if she is helping with the payments of things, just withdraw the money for the payments so long as you two aren't legally seperated. HOWEVER, don't empty accounts. A divorce judge is going to look at that pretty damned unfavorably.

Definitely get her to sign child custody papers now.
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