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Reality, dreams, philosophy (for those who haven't seen Inception yet)

Here's a thread for people who haven't watched Inception yet to discuss reality, dreams, philosophy, etc.

I'm a big fan of The Matrix trilogy and I really can't wait to watch Inception. But until then, since Inception is all over the place right now, let's discuss!

As most people would know, The Matrix is a made-believe dream world designed by the machines in order to keep humans alive. The Matrix will not crash thus killing all the humans as long as they're given a choice: accept The Matrix and live out life in a virtual reality, or reject and find refuge in Zion. Even if 99.9% of humans are aware of this choice at a subconscious level. So that's The Matrix in a nutshell, but more on Zion later.

I also understand Inception focuses more on dreams, if I'm wrong please correct me because I haven't seen it. I'll come back to this later.

Recently, I re-watched an episode from The Animatrix, "World Record". This episode takes place in The Matrix (dream world). A world-class athlete is sprinting and he's at his physical limit. During a race, his quadriceps tear apart and as far as our "reality" goes, it's impossible to keep moving the legs with completely ruptured quadriceps, let alone sprint. Yet, he is becoming aware that this race, this "reality" is just a dream, and he continues the race and finishes with a world record. He then collapses and wakes up in the real world. The machine then sends some signal through his body and he goes back to sleep. He wakes up in The Matrix (dream world) and as a result of his ruptured quadriceps, he is permanently crippled. Towards the end of the episode, he mumbles "FREE" and begins to stand up and take a couple of steps. But again, he collapses and remains crippled, and trap in The Matrix (dream world). That's the episode in a nutshell. I'm going to break it down now.

Obviously, I'm interested in the connection between this reality and dreams. Which is real? Reality, as we know, are bound by rules, laws, logic, and etc controls. These controls, whether or not we like them, we're bound by them. But there are instances where these controls seem to be broken by individuals, documented or not. How many times have we read ridiculous survival stories? How many times have we stay awake way longer than we think we'd last for a test, a project, etc? Athletes can relate to this, I can't tell you how many times I trained beyond my limits, when it's game time, somehow you find that extra gear. You know what I'm talking about, everyday people doing seemingly impossible stuff.

Isn't this very similar to what's in our dreams? We dream about impossible things, unobtainable objects, our own "image" doing crazy stuff. We've all had dreams that seem like an eternity, and/or dreams that feel like sequences/days (dream, wake up, dream again to pick up where we left off). So who's to say this reality is real, and our dreams are not? Who's to say our dreams are real, but our realities are dreams?

As far as I'm concerned, THIS could be the mortal dreams of gods (I'm not religious, definitely don't want to offend anyone here, just using it as a figure).

I hope I'm making sense here. I think the mind is so powerful, it's able to make us believe, whatever it wants us to believe.

I talked about Zion earlier and I said I'd come back to it. Some die hard fans of trilogy believe Zion is just another layer of the Matrix. Matrix within The Matrix as they say. In a way, it kind of makes sense. According to the movies, those who are aware of The Matrix can threaten The Matrix if not unchecked. So they are relocated to Zion, humans will repopulate, free more minds from The Matrix, retaliate against the machines, and ultimately destroyed and rebuilt once more. This cycle happened 5x prior to the movies. This all sounds like another form of control then. Is "Zion" really real? Agent Smith (a software) manifesting flesh and Neo stopping Sentinels and bombs just by thinking fueled the arguments. Afterall, these are supposedly impossible things (software controlling a human, and a human stopping machines just by thoughts) in the real world.

Yes, I am using movies to back my argument. But I've always be curious about these sorts of questions. Afterall, if none of this is real, and it's all just a big dream, why do we try so hard to be successful in life? When/if ultimately, it is insignificant because this reality is just a dream?

Please discuss here, I'm interested in what people think.

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