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My recent ticket....

I got my MSP3 GT 2008 in August and it is just an awesome car all round. I am always visiting this, my favorite forum on the web, just to gather information and I never leave any opinion or contribution. (Sorry about that!!) Today I got a ticket… ....    so why not share that with the forum? Let’s post how many tickets have you got on a Mazda or any other car. A short story on how you got it and what course of action did you take. (pay bail and got the point, appear in court,  miss court by mistake and end up with a warrant and so on)

I remember I read somewhere in the forum ~ “according to a cop, color does not affect your probabilities to get a ticket” will be interesting to see if our actual data confirm that... so add your color and even your model and what visual mods you had at the time of the ticket. (i guess also exhaust mods and watts on your sound system if you got a ticket due to a excesive noise?)

So go ahead, leave your frustrations out.. we will go along with you as we have all gone through it (except some lucky ones!!!!) ..

Zoom Zoom Zoom

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Re: My recent ticket....

Well lets see:
I'm 49
Make and Model :Ti Gray 2004 S Sedan
Visual mods:Lowered, Tint
Havent had a ticket in going on 30 years until this last year.

(#1) I was driving on a very twisty road enjoying the drive with my wife and I got spotted going over the double yellow by an airplane. Got stopped at the bottom of the hill and got a ticket.
I went to traffic school paid the fine and all was good. So I thought
(#2) 8 months later..... Late for a softball game in a town about 40 miles from my house. Coming over a rise in the road and driving about 70 in a 55 (I know my bad) And going the other way here comes a CHP. The cop stopped me and wrote me up for 65 in a 55. The bad part was that since he stopped me he also nailed me for tint. Luckily I knew a CHP officer that I played softball with the year before and he signed it off for me so I didn't have to remove it. Thank god. I again paid the fine. The bad part is I couldn't take the traffic school because it had only been 8 month since the last ticket. So I got a point. The one good thing is he didn't get me for no front plate. Funny how these things run in bunches .........................................Clue


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Re: My recent ticket....

Ok so let me start with the one I got today… let me try to make it short, I was at a red light waiting to turn into the parking lot of my college. There are two lanes to make the left turn. I was the first one on the outside lane, on the inside lane there was an old corroded beat up Honda Accord, maybe an 89 or 90. This car was going extremely slowly all along the way to college, but in street traffic with really close to each other red lights, nobody could pass him. Anyways, back to turning into the college. When the light went green we turn in, he was going extremely slow backing all the traffic on his inside lane, and even though I was on the outside lane I catch him and starting passing. I know my limit is 20m/h and sometimes fellow students cross so I was careful. Right there and there I saw the patrol car pointing like ready to give ticket, so I am like ok, im getting slightly ahead of his accord I better slow down a bit before he thinks I am speeding , is better to prevent if you can. Guess what? I pass by him at 17 ml/h and he turns on the lights and siren and stop me. After the usual license and registration, he told me that I was speeding, I told him WHAT?? I was watching my speedometer I never crossed the 20, do you have my on gun ? on radar? Can you show me? He said, no I did not I just estimated your speed you were going 30. So I replay so you have no prove that I was actually going 30 or not, he kinda got mad and told me he had estimated many times in he is life and he is always right and see you in court. I was like ok thanks, is all right. That’s all

I will definitely fight this ticket. This is my first ticket in 4 years and my third one for life due to over the speed limit and I have never complained not even a bit. This time I am dead sure I did not drive over 20m/h and to confirm that I have my speedometer against an “estimation”. I respect his skills to estimate speed, but is a human estimation against a speedometer. Could you guys be able to estimate if I am 20 or 30 if I am driving towards you? Did he had two preset points A and B and take the accurate time it took me to reach each point? I don’t think so. I asked him for a prove, to show me anything, he reply is his estimation only…I am pretty sure the Honda driving way slower than me made me appear like I was above the limit when he was the one below the speed limit… .. I am telling you, I will fight this ticket! My court is on April 19 so Ill let you guys know what happen.

So I got a MSP3 GT 2008, Black Mica, only mods so far are the MAZDASPEED CAI and MAZDASPEED exhaust installed by dealer (just to make sure I am legal an have my warranty intact) Noise was not an issue here, since I was going so slow but just for you guys to know more details.

OK next.

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Re: My recent ticket....

Ticket #1 (paid it and went to traffic school) cost about $165 with traffic school i think
40 in a 25
2004 Titanium gray mazda 3

No mods at the time.

Ticket #2 (fought and won) got all my money back
53 in a 40
1986 White Toyota Camry

No Mods

Ticket #3 (Fought and won) got my money back
77 in a 65
2005 Silver Toyota Corolla (it belonged to my friend)

it had some mods, don't remember what though...

Ticket #4 (fixed it and signed it off then put it back on) $70 total cost
Fix it ticket for illegal front tint 2007 True Red Mazdaspeed 3

mods were the tint and wheels, and some debadging, mazdaspeed intake, and the cop thought that i had a modified exhaust, which it was not, because it was the stock set up.

Ticket #5 (in process of fighting the carpool part, and i will fix and pay the 10 bucks for the other ones)
2007 True Red Mazdaspeed 3
Carpool Violation
Illegal Window Tint
Missing Front plate

mods were tint, wheels, debadging, mazdaspeed intake, no side door sills

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Re: My recent ticket....

I've gotten lucky, i've been pulled over for:

#1- 80 in a 60

#2- 70 in a 60

#3- 60 in a 45

#4- 45 in a 35

Got off w/ four warnings and havn't gotten a ticket yet *knocks on wood*

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Re: My recent ticket....

Since I've gotten to the Bay Area, 2.

1) Got for doing 81 in a 55 (Payed it)

2) Carpool Violation (About to pay it)

First one, I got myself stuck in the fast lane with no exit surrounded by cars doing the same speed, guess my car stood out more or something (Had my 05 winning blue Hatch at the time - no mods)

Second one, I'm in the company van, trying not to get in a wreck on 680 towards San Jose from Concord. There's this car in front of me coming in and out of the carpool (I'm in the fast lane next to it) and he's by himself. Well, right after he notices traffice building up, he comes off the carpool and cut me off with like inches and I hit my breaks (its also wet outside and I have like 400lbs of calibration test equipment in my van) and I try to avoid hitting him. Since the lane to my right was packed, I jump in the carpool to avoid slamming into him. The Cop that was likek 3 - 4 car lenths back decides to pull me over when this guy in front of me was jumping in and out of carpool the whole time.

Funny thing was, I was about to try and go to traffic school for the first ticket, now I got two.

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Re: My recent ticket....

I was snagged on I-95 doing 100mph in my 2006 Mazda down! Mind you I was behind a C6 Corvette and a BMW X5..and I was caught!

Selling my Mazdaspeed3.
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Re: My recent ticket....

In the mazda 2, no seat belt and accident

The past 4 years (minus 1 year have more to add )

Corey, 25yo bodybuilder
06 mazda 3 2.3l sedan CRM
"Little GTO" she is ill right now, pos
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Re: My recent ticket....

Got a ticket on Christmas night. 10:02PM (66 in a 45)

Make and Model : 06 Ford Fusion
Visual mods: Lowered, Tint, HIDs, Wheels, ect.

Was no more than 200 yards from the on ramp getting on the freeway. Speed on the freeway is 70, 75 if you want to flow/merge with traffic and immediately move over 2 lanes not to hit the next exit. I was speeding up to pull on to the on ramp and the cop was pulling out of the local gas station. It took him about a mile to run me down. I tried telling him I was getting up to speed for the freeway, he didn't care!

Court fee ($125)
Defensive Driving ($60)
Request driving record ($14)

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Re: My recent ticket....

Haven't had a ticket in a long time, but one of the ones I got in my youth was a good one.

11 years ago, was 19, driving the 95 Mustang GT my parents bought me for high school graduation.

It was around 2a.m. on a weeknight and I was driving north from Calgary to Edmonton (4 lanes, divided highway, 110km/h or 68mph limit). I was staying at a buddy's place in Edmonton that night and I didn't want to keep him up waiting for me, so I'm really moving, probably averaging 160-180km/h (100-112mph) the whole way. What is normally a three hour drive I did in just under 2 (1:58 actually).

I was almost there, 10 minutes from the city when I see lights behind me. The highway was competely empty so as soon as I see the lights gaining on me I know I'm caught. The cop throws on his red and blues and I come to a stop on the shoulder. As soon as we're stopped he's on the speaker, "Turn off the vehicle and put your hands outside the window!"

"Exit the vehicle and walk towards me with your hands in the air!"

I do exactly as I'm told and get about halfway to his car when he says, "Stop. Put your hands down."

I guess my shaking 19 year old frame wasn't all that intimidating. He gets out and puts me in the backseat of his car where he tells me he got me at 158km/h (98mph). He lectures me on the dangers of driving so fast and writes me a ticket for 48 km/h over the limit (30mph over). He tells me that 2 km/h faster and it was an automatic reckless driving charge. He would have towed my car and put me in jail for the night. I remeber the ticket was around $380 and being an unemployed university student, I had no way of paying it. Dad wasn't too happy about that one.

That was probably the very last time I drove that fast, that far.

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