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Terrible story of a Mustang owner getting screwed.


Go read this guys post, and if you guys want to help him out let everyone know that AMP is a terrible company to deal with. Read page that is linked to "original story" as well. This crap is unbelievable.

Dead Thread Revive Cr3w

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Originally Posted by John_in_the_LBC
fucking pringle bastards.
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Terrible story of a Mustang owner getting screwed.

Woah... just woah...

That just pisses me off especially because my dad is in the military. Show some support guys, even if it was a mustang (lol). Show some support.

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Terrible story of a Mustang owner getting screwed.

Wow. Hopefully people who live in Phoenix read that and don't go there.

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Terrible story of a Mustang owner getting screwed.

I wouldn't ever deal with this over the internet. That's asking for legal trouble. If you are being screwed, then get your own lawyer involved otherwise you yourself can be sued by that business owner for slandering his business. Posting stuff like this to the internet is the same as if you wrote a letter to a newspaper (except the newspaper would never print it because they could be at risk for libel unless they themselves could prove it). From what I read I favour the car owner, but then, you could also see it the other way if someone wanted to plant an unfounded malicious story about a business. Not being there myself, how would I know the truth of it?


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Terrible story of a Mustang owner getting screwed.

wow......... dont really know what to say. that pisses me off!!!!!!

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Terrible story of a Mustang owner getting screwed.

I'm standing by the side of the customer, NOT because the customer is ALWAYS right but I've spent the past 3 hours sitting here reading everything I could gather from BOTH sides only to conclude that, from what is available, the AMP owners blew things way out of proportion with their lack of anger management.

Anyone from here join there and post a support msg?

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Terrible story of a Mustang owner getting screwed.

I found the link on clubrsx.com. This story has spread onto probably more than 100 different online car clubs. It honestly serves the guys @ AMP right for running such a shady operation.

People have every right to complain online, especially when the assholes repsonsible for your anger dare you to do so.

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Originally Posted by John_in_the_LBC
fucking pringle bastards.
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Terrible story of a Mustang owner getting screwed.

You guys have to read this link:
5th paragraph. I can't believe it but these guys made national news not too long ago, and not in a good way. I remember hearing this story and I was one of the typical high shcoolers that doesn't pay attention to news.
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Terrible story of a Mustang owner getting screwed.

I won't join a Mustang forum except to troll it. Heh. But maybe before they close that "hangout" forum to guest views we could obtain permission to reproduce that story here?

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Terrible story of a Mustang owner getting screwed.

Eh, I'll do it. If anyone asks me to remove it I will, but I doubt that it will be a problem:

Part I:
So we (DustinM, PBR, ViperKiller, Racergirl and myself) were checking out Dave (VK's) busted motor. . . and all is as well and good as the situation would allow for about 25 minutes. . .

Then the owner, John Thompson comes out to hand Dave his sunglasses that I assume he left there awhile back. Dave thanks him and the guy kind of looks around.

Let me paint the picture:

We're kind of standing in a fucked up shaped circle with let's just say me in the middle. Going clockwise (me at about 6) it goes Tom Thompson (Co-owner, John's son - 30, about 6'2'' I'd say, 200-220 pounds), PBR, John Thompson, dave, dustinM, and then racer girl is next to me completing the circle.

Dave and Tom had been discussing (I don't know if argue is too harsh a word) about shipping the blower to Vortech, and dave said he wanted a second opinion first. Tom agreed that that's exactly what he would do, and Dave asked about shipping it back to Vortech. Here's where things started to heat up a little.

Dave basically said that he wanted to ship it out from Tucson to Vortech so he didn't have to run back up to PHX just to deliver the blower. Tom said that was fine with him. Dave asked if he would be compensated for the cost of shipping, Tom said smugly "Not if you ship it yourself, we won't do anything for you. If you let us ship it then we can." Something about a PGB or something number or whatever he can explain that.

Somehow something pissed off John (old man, about 5'10'' I'd say, but being so high up I'm a lousy judge of height) - and he pointed to the 4 of us OTHER than Dave and said "you, you, you and you get out right now!" and he sounded pretty irate.

I never move until someone else moves first - mainly because I didn't know where to go. Tom got right in my face, toe to toe with me, and I said "can you please back up off me" (yes, I said please).

Out of NOWHERE! Tom shoves me hard (I believe I feel chest pains and my shoulder hurts a little - honest) and I go to my right. I look at him and at this point I'm beginning to have a panic attack and an anxiety attack. My adrenaline is also starting to flow quite quickly. Tom says "didn't you hear my dad say get out?" and I know that if some one was endangering **Note- I never raised a hand or clenched a fist during this entire time** my dad, I'd pummle the shit out of them no questions asked. I backed off and walked out of the store, as asked.

John followed close on my heels, as did DustinM and Racergirl, I believe PBR was there too but I can't recall at the moment.

John once again got toe to toe with me and told me to get off his property. I asked the VERY valid question "Why?" and he responded harshly with "because I own it and I said get out." I said that was fine because I was going to call the police and report their actions. He somehow took that as a threat, and let me know that I had just threatened him As of now my heart is beating very fast, I don't know what to do, so I make my way to my car and head across the street to call the police.

I gave the dispatcher my location, my cell number, and told them what had happened. I was fully expecting them to come to me as well as the the people at AMP. I waited with Racergirl for approx. 105 Minutes and never once saw the police. Apparently they showed up 5 minutes after I had left the building, and left without talking to me.

I'm going to file any and all charges I can with John Thompson and Tom Thompson and All Mustang Performance Performance. Know that I am not looking for any monetary settlements what-so-ever, and I have never had bad dealings with either of them prior to this point in time. In fact, I've purchased things for friends through the AMP junkyard, and I was going to go through them to get the Nitrous kit put on my 98 V6 Stang. I have been there a few times, and never in my life have I seen anything like this.

I just want you guys to know how AMP treats people. This company is honestly fucking pathetic, and I want each and every one of you to know how they are. There is more behind why we were there, and if Dave wants to post that (and I encourage him to) I will add this on to my post. Thanks for reading.

Part II:
I would first like to say that one point during this confrontation something was said to the effect that it would do no good to post this on the internet because it would go nowhere fast and no one would care about what happened.

Now on to what happened …

The week prior to 28 July 04, I called Tom Thompson at AMP Performance to make arrangements with him to set aside a day where we could settle up the paperwork with my car and I could take my car out of All Mustang Parts & Performance, Phoenix, AZ.

After talking to him several times, he is unsure when I can come get my car. Since I am in the military, my work schedule isn’t very flexible at all, so I really needed to establish a day when everything could be accomplished 100% and when I take the car away from AMP we wouldn’t have to do business again.

Tom was very reluctant to setup a time for me to come get the car and wanted to make sure that all of the parts that belonged to the car were ready for me to take when I came. These parts included the old shortblock that came out of my 2002 Mustang GT that AMP took to their very own wrecking yard when it came out of the car. I specifically told them to save all parts that came off the car (to include the stock engine with damaged pistons) and the supercharger that was en route back from Vortech Superchargers. Finally after a few days of getting them to pick a date, Tom and I agreed that I would come up on 28 July 2004 (a week away) to get a full refund for all labor paid since the job was uncompleted.

A little background:

Tom refused to put the car back together after the story about how he and his father assaulted an individual that I brought to the shop on the last visit was posted on the internet. They claimed that I had been shady with them by not telling them that I was bringing a few individuals with me to inspect the damage on the brand new DSS Pro Mod 4.6 Shortblock that they were being paid to put into my car. I had the DSS shortblock delivered straight from DSS to AMP in February when I took the car there. To make a long story short, when AMP put the new motor into the car and reinstalled the supercharger and remaining parts, the engine started to make a ticking noise while on the test drive. The car idled great before the test drive, I was there to witness them starting up the car. Come to find out a few days later, they had pulled the motor out and found 5 damaged Pro-lite pistons, damage to the newly reworked heads at a cost of $2500 and a handful of foreign debris in the motor.

Upon talking to Tom, he said that either someone in the shop sabotaged my new motor or a “snap ring” came out of the supercharger and went into my brand new $3000 short block causing serious damage to 5 pistons. They are telling me that I am going to have to pay for all repairs if Vortech says the blower is at fault. Otherwise, they will pay for all repairs that need to be completed.

So Vortech comes back and says the blower is 100% perfect. Since they had it apart they decide to perform preventive maintenance and put brand new bearings in it.

This is where the story turns:

Tom tells me there is no way they will put the car back together because of the other post on the internet. They tell me I need to get my friends to keep their mouths shut and quit telling the story. Tom Thompson tells me the only way they will put the car back together is if everyone on the internet retracts all statements made in the post. They pay for the repairs to the new motor and agree to refund 100% for all money paid for labor since the job was uncomplete. In the mean time they had the pistons replaced in the motor since it was their responsibility and they assembled the car.

28 July:

I call up to AMP and ask to speak to Tom. This is the day we planned that I would come up first thing in the morning to receive a full refund for labor and then pick the car up “IN PIECES”.

Tom gets on the phone and I ask him if everything is still good to go for today. He says yes and tells me in a harsh tone: “Yeah fine, YOU need to be here at 3pm and that’s that.” I tell him that we had agreed to settle up first thing 28 July 04 and we had an appointment. He says: “Yeah well I am telling you that you come up here at 3pm, no earlier. When I told him I was already on my way he said "Well you better turn your ass around. If you come up here from Tucson earlier you can drive around Phoenix all day or wait across the street in an empty parking lot because you aren’t coming in here until 3.”
So I kindly ask, “Well is everything okay? Was there a problem with getting my old engine back from the junkyard or something didn’t show up?” To which he replies: “All I’m going to tell you is be here at three, no earlier and that’s that” and he hangs up on me.

What is going on now?! I thought this was going to be smooth and we could settle up today. So I call him back after a few minutes and tell him that since my work schedule is so tight, this was the only day that I can do this and we had to settle up today. I also tell him that I will be bringing one witness and ask if it will be a problem. He said “I don’t care bring whoever you want”. I say “Okay” and tell him that if he changes his mind about it being a problem, then we should make arrangements now for the police to be there. Since he was going to pay for the tow ONLY to Tucson, I asked him to kindly cancel the tow truck for my car and that I would arrange the tow truck. Throughout all of the phone calls I kept a calm tone and refused to get into an argument with them so that we could keep the tension as low as possible. Tom Thompson was very short with me and had a serious attitude about the whole thing.

SO I wait all the way until 3 pm. I drive over 2 hours from Tucson to Phoenix in traffic and show up at AMP at 3:03PM. My witness was unable to make it last minute so it was just me. The tow truck that I had ordered was just pulling up. Once inside AMP I find out that Tom and his dad (owners) were not there – their excuse was that they went to some kind of “emergency meeting” with their lawyers. I am extremely surprised by this after all the fuss Tom made to me over the phone about showing up at 3pm. I asked if he remembered about our meeting being at 3pm and all the employees inside assured me that he did. I asked about my refund and was told that ONLY Tom can give the refunds.

I was told that the car and all the parts were ready to go. The engine, heads, intake, etc. were all piled up against the wall near the garage door so that I could take them. They told me to just “take the car” and that Tom would settle up with me some other time. Well after 5 months of dealing with Tom, I know that I probably wouldn’t get any kind of satisfaction if I just “take the car” without Tom and I settling up the paperwork. I asked several times for them to call Tom and tell him that I was here waiting on him. Everyone refused because Tom had told them not to call while he was away. One of the employees behind the counter assured me that “Tom is a man of his word” and that I shouldn’t be worried about getting screwed over. Everyone there seemed upset with me since I was reluctant about taking my 2002 GT in an unassembled fashion without getting my refund for roughly about $1500 for a job not finished.

The tow truck driver agreed that maybe I shouldn’t take the car and that he had to go to another tow and assured me that I should call him if I needed him again.

After being in close contact with a lawyer, he advised me to contact the Phoenix Police Department to document what was going on here. Since nobody knew when Tom would be back and settle up with me and the pressure continued to increase for the car to leave, I decided to take the advice and call the police.

Upon arriving, the officers commented that they were regularly called to AMP and couldn’t believe that some things never changed with that place. I explained the story to them and left out no details whatsoever. They went inside to talk to the employees behind the counter. They were greeted nicely from behind the counter and stated the I was just making things more difficult than they had to be since I wouldn’t just take the car without my refund and be on my way. The police decide to stay with me and advise me to just get the car out of there so I don’t have to worry about it. They offer to stay until the whole thing is finished and I am grateful for it. I call for the tow truck and am told that it will be on the way in 1 hour.

About 30 minutes later, Bob Thompson (another co-owner of AMP, who runs the junkyard) shows up. One of the policemen and I are standing outside and Bob walks up to me and asks what’s going on. I tell him nicely that I’m just waiting for Tom to show up so that we can settle up the paperwork before I take the car. He then looks at the cop and asks several times why he is there. The police officer tells him twice that he is just there to keep the peace. Bob then asks me why the officer is there and I tell him just to mediate (after what happened last time). Bob continues to make a big deal out of it and says that there aren’t enough men in this country that can deal with their problems without calling the police. He says that there “ain’t nothing but pussies around here” and started asking who called them in the first place since they didn’t call. Well since I was the only one there it was obvious. The officer said “Well if someone calls us then there must be a problem so we are here to make sure everyone is safe”. Well upon hearing this, Bob says “What?! It’s just him (points at me) and his fuckin’ faggot friends on the internet”. The officer looked right back at him and said “You know, that’s just the kind of comments that tells me that maybe I should be here”. Bob then goes into a rant about how everyone around here is afraid to solve problems like he solves them and that he isn’t afraid of “taking care of business” with anyone. Well, since I’m in the military, I know that a true man knows better than to lower himself to fighting with someone, period. Just isn’t worth it, lets just do the paperwork IMO.

So 5 minutes later, Tom and his dad show up and come to a screeching halt in their Dodge truck in the parking lot. Tom gets out of the driver’s seat and comes right up to me and says “You need to get the fuck off my property right now!” He then turned around and said to the officer “He needs to get the fuck off my property, I’m Tom Thompson and I own this place, he is halting my business and needs to get the fuck off my property!” All this time the dad, John Thompson is saying that he has copies of my emails that I have sent to other people about AMP and asks the police if they want to read them. They tell him no.

I barely said a word and stayed calm the whole time. If the police weren’t there I am sure that they would have tried beat the crap out of me. I didn’t provoke them in any way. I just asked “What about my refund?”. Tom replied “I don’t give a shit, you aren’t getting a fucking thing from me, you can take us to court since you and your friends think you know the legal system!” Then they said they were going to push my car across the street with all the parts in it. (Keep in mind the engine, tranny, and all related parts are out of the car and all over the ground).

(BTW I think that whole “He’s halting my business” thing was Tom referring to the story about how Tom and his father assaulted someone and it was posted on the internet. I purposely stayed out of it since AMP still had my car)

So I kindly leave and drive across the street into an empty parking lot. I watch from across the street as the AMP employees push the car out of the garage and load it up with all the parts that were on the ground. I couldn’t believe that I was kicked off the property and I barely said a word! Who freaks out when they see the police….. they were only there to make sure that it stayed civil. I was honestly worried about getting hurt after seeing how they acted last time I was there, and to immediately be kicked off the property by Tom as he got out of the truck tells me that he stayed away so he would not have to pay me. I mean, think about it – if he had just come from some meeting with lawyers and had told his employees not to call him, how would he know that I was causing problems – and up until then the only thing that I had not done was leave without the money we agreed AMP owed me for their inability to do the job.

While I was waiting across the street, Tom Thompson called the business whose parking lot I was in and told them to “tell me to get the hell out of there.” So two people came to the car window of the car I was in while waiting across the street. They asked if everything was okay since AMP called them and told them to tell me to leave. I quickly explained the whole story about how AMP put my new motor together and then damaged it and how they still owed me over $1500 for a job that they could not handle. I told him that the police were over there and told me to be here. He said “wow this isn’t a first”. I told him I was in the military also and he laughed and said “Good luck to you, I’m not gonna tell anyone who serves our country to leave”.

So I watched from across the street as my car was loaded up with all the parts and then moved onto the flatbed along with the engine, transmission and all the parts that came off the car EXCEPT my old shortblock that AMP decided to keep without my consent.

After everything was loaded up, the police came back over and wished me luck. They said that this kind of thing is not uncommon with AMP and that I should report them to the Better Business Bureau. The ycouldn’t believe how Tom and his dad made such a big entrance coming back from their meeting (at 5:40) and then demanded that I leave when I didn’t even say a word. They seemed to agree that it was very shady and that AMP hated the police and the feeling was mutual. They again wished me luck and all of us hope that nobody else would ever have to have such horrific problems with AMP, even though these sort of things are very common with them.

Remember, at one point during this confrontation I heard something about being dared to post this on the internet presumably because it would go nowhere fast and no one would care about what happened to me.

If the Thompson family will treat an active duty military service member like this and take his hard earned money from him without being able to make good on their end, what else are they capable of? With AMP, it can (and apparently does) happen to people all the time. We need to get the word out far and wide to everyone regardless. The internet can spread bad practices quicker than word of mouth can, so as for this going nowhere … well … I guess we’ll see about that…

Please post your support of this cause below. I’ll keep you updated on what is going on as it happens so stay tuned. .
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