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Can "speeding" go too far?

I was introduced to a fellow yesterday that carried an interesting point of view about speeding. I guess, he was recently pulled over for going 135 mph in a 70 mph zone. The patrolman deemed that his driving was reckless - and arrested the guy. His car was impounded, and his license revoked. Of course, he wasn’t happy, and was complaining to no end how he felt his situation was unfair and stupid.

I’ve voiced a few times in these forums about my stance on reckless speeding. Basically, I view driving as a privilege, and I feel that measures should be taken on an individual who feels it their right to be able to endanger people’s safety by driving with recklessness and abandon. So, I was rather annoyed that he would complain that driving 135 in a 70 was an innocent crime.

His argument does have valid points – I just don’t agree with them. He insists that since there is no definite qualification for “reckless driving” versus a normal “speeding charge,” then there is no reason that any patrolman should ever be allowed to claim that someone was driving recklessly based on speed alone. He argues that there is no reason that a subjective call by one individual should dictate how his violation is carried out. So, speeding is speeding – no matter how extreme the speeding is. 5mph over is the same as 65mph over. Allowing a subjective call by an officer opens up possible racial or other profiled bias and is unfair. Furthermore, all drivers on the road should only agree to drive upon accepting the inherent risks of driving. Since speeders are known to exist – other drivers take a risk to have speeders around them when they drive. Therefore, if someone is unhappy with the prospect of someone driving 135, then they should not be driving.

I do see the potential for abuse by an officer since it is subjective what is reckless or just plain speeding. However, I felt that most people would deem such a gross neglect of the posted speed limit to be reckless endangerment – and that the officer had not made a decision that was inappropriate or irrational. Of course, I know that the idea that all drivers must obey a speed limit is not pragmatically possible. Of course, people will speed. However, I feel that 135mph is akin to a drunk driver – there is no reason for anyone to drive that quickly, and I was glad he doesn’t have a license right now.

Of course, he still drives around… but I hope he isn’t driving 135 any more.

What do ya’ll think about speeding?

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Can "speeding" go too far?

Failure to control speed

This thread can go really far too
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Can "speeding" go too far?

I think that what he got was right. I do believe that 135 mph is reckless. At that speed there is not much he can do to control that car other than going straight. Braking and swerving are out of the question. So if something were to happen then he would be shit outta luck to avoid anything, so I can see why he got reckless driving.

So just because we know that there are speeders out there that could kill us when there driving 135, We should stay off the raod? That is ridiculous, might as well just become homeless at the same time.

I applaud that officer.

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Can "speeding" go too far?

There should be a written law that states what qualifies reckless driving when speeding. They can set it as XXX miles over XXX speed limit, and over that you are reckless. That would take the ambiguity out of the whole situation. I agree with the points your friend made, but I do believe he should have been arrested.

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Can "speeding" go too far?

Most states do have it quantified - NYS it's 100 MPH flat, most states around here it's 30 MPH over, VA I know is like 20 or 25 over.
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Can "speeding" go too far?

20 over here can get you arrested.

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Can "speeding" go too far?

Need more info.

Doesn't say if night or day, urban or rural, wet or dry, alone or with other passengers, alone or other cars, single lane or lane changing, flat or hilly terrain, etc.

Unless he was alone in the daytime, no other cars, miles to the nearest intersection of any kind, on flat terrain, and in an area with no animal movement--then I consider it reckeless.

I also doubt that the cop didn't have a legal description of what constitues reckless driving. Probably just didn't need to explain it the the offender. Let the judge do that.

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Can "speeding" go too far?

Well remember, the police's job is to protect everyone as best as they can, which includes protecting yourself from yourself.

Whether you're driving on some perfect day on some empty straight or empty curvy road, whether your car can handle and hold the road, driving over the speed limit increases, exponentially, the likely hood that you might lose control of your car or that you will be going too fast to avoid any potential danger.

Do you think they "magically" post 25mph speed limits on some mountain road? Do you think they just say "Hey, 70mph sounds good on this stretch of straight road." No, they have surveyers and civil engineers and etc. to figure out what is the best speed to travel at on these roads. This is to factor everything from traffic flow to accident avoidence given the "average" driver and vehicle.

And given the number of moronic, cell-phone chatting, coffee-drinking, or whatever distracting activity people do while they drive and given the number of SUV's (In USA anyway) or other cars that people drive that are well beyond their skill to handle, I'm glad there are some reminders to them that they shouldn't drive any much faster than what is posted.

Now admittingly, I think some of the limits are a little too "low" for some of us with better handling cars and better driving skill (which is an arguement all within itself). But for people who drive crappy beaters or jacked up trucks/SUV's with roll-over around the corner, I think these "lower" speed limits are meant to restrain those people from doing something dumb. Even on an empty road with no traffic. Remember, who has to clean up the mess if someone gets into an accident?

But to the previous example. 135mph in a 70mph? Uh, yeah, in CA, going over a 100mph+ on a public road can land you in jail.

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Can "speeding" go too far?

15 mph over here in TN is reckless. And yes, 135 in a 70........he got what he deserved.
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Can "speeding" go too far?

I say if you want to go that fast, then find a desert, flat terrain area, flat paved area, etc. that's away from roads and civilization, that way you have plenty of space and are away from cops. Plus if you are somewhere that's nothing but flat land out far away from a city, driving on any area thats not a road (a road that the public uses for transportation), it's not illegal, you can speed, so no worrying about cops. The only places I can think that you could go and do this would be a desert or a huge "parking lot" type area that's driveable.

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