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Re: Section 10. FMVstore

10.6 Coupons

The FMVstore issues coupons for various reasons. These coupons may only be used within the bounds laid out for their use. When issued, the recipient will be told either personally or through other means such as (but not limited to) a mass message or post/announcement what those bounds are.

The system may accept a coupon where it is not appropriate according to the bounds laid out at the issuance. If the user attempts to use a coupon in this manner, the transaction will be cancelled.

FMVstore is not responsible for typo's.

10.7 Sources

FMVstore uses a variety of wholesale, dropship, manufacturing and local sources for its products. FMVstore reserves the right to purchase or ship products from any source, as long as the warranties and liability limitations above are upheld.

You may receive a product from FMVstore that does not have the FMVstore name on it. Do not be alarmed. To save time and money, that product was shipped direct to you from one of our sources.

Sources may be located anywhere in the world. Several of FMVstore's primary sources are located in Hong Kong, Taiwan and China in order to better serve you. Notably, most "STO" products come from Asia in general and Hong Kong inparticular. Please be aware of this.

Last Updated: March 26, 2009
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