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Re: Section 4. Forum Rules & Regulations

4.10 Linking to Third Parties
*Links to third party sites are generally permitted, though FMVperformance and TrapZero SO have no knowledge of and cannot be held liable for their content.
*Exceptions to this include (but are not limited to):
Competing Sites including forums. Competing sites include (as of this writing) all sites related to Mazda, Ford, Volvo, Chevrolet and Pontiac products. Links may be posted to competing sites only for specific, informational purposes. These links must be specific, deep links. General linking to competing sites is prohibited. Please consult the Terms of Service on sites you are linking to to determine if deep linking to said site is permitted.
Non-Sponsor Companies on other forums. Linking (including deep linking) to commercial products on other forums is prohibited. We invite all companies interested in advertising thier products are invited to become a forum sponsor.
Pornographic Sites

4.11 General
Circumvention of bans or other FMVperformance actions can be considered an attack upon the site, as these actions are detrimental to the well being of the site. FMVperformance reserves the right to contact users ISP's and other Gateways in this circumstance, and to take further action. This includes but is not limited to creating a separate account to circumvent a ban. Creating a second account to circumvent a ban will result in a ban. No exceptions. and TrapZero SO reserve the right to edit, delete and move posts, avatars, signatures and other information at will, and take further action when necessary.[/b] and TrapZero SO reserve the right to edit this document at any time without notification.

4.12 Sponsor Removals
In general, the rule is: buyer beware. We do not - and can not - police all sponsors or all transactions. For every bad report, there is a multitude of good ones, no matter what we think of any given sponsor.
If a number of poor reports are received about a sponsor, they will be removed - but most of the time, this does not result in a removal, because we simply can not determine with any probability that a sponsor is simply a scam.
If you have a bad experience - or a good one - leave transaction feedback. That is others best tool for determining the worth of a sponsor.
Document effective December 28th, 2005.
Updated May 22, 2009
Last updated May 12, 2010
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