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Re: Needed: Experience with PayPal, Online Stores, Accounting (Added 7/3/07)

[quote author=MZ6ZoomZoom link=topic=82225.msg1535208#msg1535208 date=1183490525]
FMVperformance Automotive Communities is in need of somebody that has dealt with PayPal, online stores, and accounting matters before. We are looking to clean up our books, and in order to do that, need to set up reliable software-based methods for:
1. Collecting Financial data
2. Generating automated invoices to help in payment collection
3. Decide on payment processors - PayPal, others
4. Organize financial information
5. Appropriate setup of online stores & payment processors
6. Other as applicable

We are looking for anyone willing to offer temporary help, or to add a long-term Staff member.

Interested? Please read this and then contact MZ6ZoomZoom at drhamad[at]

I have 20yrs experience implementing accounting systems.
So I could help with 1 and 4 above and probally 2 also.
Where is HQ?

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