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Verbally assaulted by BSO.

So, there I was minding my own business in my TR Speed3. My windows down music at a tolerable level just going home to drop off some stuff and head back to work and all the sudden... Broward Sherrif pulls up next to me and BLAIRS to siren. I of course get shocked by it a bit and this was the conversation...

Sherrif: Hey! Slow the fuck down!
Me: Umm...I'm sorry?? I think...
Sherrif: Don't you know what that horn means?!
Me: ...
Sherrif: Do you wanna speed up..huh...huh?! He floors it and lets off (as we approach a red light)
Me: Umm guy...excuse me, I would love to...but its a red light!
Sherrif: "Under his breath at the light" Fuckin' idiot...
Me: "Music goes back up and a friendly smile at him"

Mind you this "Sherrif" was MAYBE early 30's and probably one of the most insecure beings I have ever come in contact with! There was NO reason for this to happen what so ever! Has anyone else here have this happen to them before? I knew he was just eggin me on to do ANYTHING...and I just smiled. Felt so good...what a douche!

Selling my Mazdaspeed3.
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