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Re: Gay Teen Killed in School

[quote author=cromus link=topic=105349.msg2144411#msg2144411 date=1205346659]
i went to school with a gay guy. if he asked me to be his valentine I would tell him no. If he persisted I would hit him in the face. I wouldn't shoot the guy though.

How could you even say that much. You could politely decline and let him know that ur not gay. Its a little different than a girl saying no to a guy. Double standard...ur not guy...and u dont want to be his valentine' he'll get the picture.

As for ur comment...thats where it all might not shoot the kid...but "hit him in the face" wtf is that?

Then you start the reverse pattern where the kid comes to school in a trench coat and with a m16 and takes everyone out...for their hatred.

I am actually very straight but still take offense to your comment. One...why would you hit someone in the face...and two my brother is openly bisexual and if you tried to hit him in the face he would beat your ass. So dont assume anything there.

Respect people...would hit an ugly girl in the face if she was persistently asking you to be her valentine? I DONT THINK SO cause if you did you would probably have 20 guys beating the living shit out of you in 10 seconds...SO THINK BEFORE YOU HUMAN... PLEASE!!!

THATS my waiting for the next episode of Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood....
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