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Re: they see me rollin', they hatin', patrollin' trying to catch me ridin' dirty

got pulled over last night... for no front plate. get this argument...

he straight up told me he pulls over anyone without a front plate even if it is a viper etc (why i dunno) and gave me a giant speech about how front plates are needed. i mentioned my front plate is clearly visible from the front of the car. he tries to re-word the motor-vehicle act for himself and then i say "well, why aren't they legal if they're visible?" his response was that plates in the windshield obscure the sight of the driver. ladies and gentlemen, i have my plate affixed in front of a goddamn visor on my car. obscuring the driver's sight is built in to my car, it would appear.

then he demands to see my tint and grills me with some more questions about it. i have ZERO tint on all my fronts but he still questions me as he goes over my car with a fine tooth comb, questioning my exhaust at the same time which i told him nothing about.

he paced my speed at 15kmph above the limit... which is bullshit if you factor in speedo error margins anyway... i am SICK of cops now who are too lazy to use their goddamn radar and go via this highly discretionary route instead...

finally writes me a warning for speeding, a fix-it ticket for the front plate (yes i'm serious) and the kicker was he got me for failure to provide him with proof of insurance. now, this one is a little sketchy. he was angry because the policy on the card stated that it was from jan of 06-07 and basically i just didn't have a new card BUT how could i have registered my car without valid proof of insurance at that time? i could not have. further still, two officers have pulled me over besides this douche since january and neither have said anything regarding this insurance proof.

so i'm fighting two tickets at the moment anyway... better make this my third lol

you know what the guy's "advice" to me was, after he used the words "fast and furious" (a mazda hatch with rims...) to describe my car? he tells me to show up and plead guilty but bargain the fine down. he says he won't be there. lol. show up and plead guilty so you don't have to attend court? uhh... pretty sure if it is me vs you and i don't plead guilty you gotta show up there, bubba. he tries to tell me he doesn't get overtime pay for going to court... no shit dude, you probably lose pay. i'll be there.

just for reference... here is where my front plate is:

and here is what the law says in my province... i'll let you be the judge.

29(3)Such registration plate and the required letters and numerals thereon, except the year number for which issued, shall be of sufficient size to be plainly readable from a distance of thirty metres during daylight.

30(2)Every registration plate shall at all times be securely fastened to the vehicle for which it is issued so as to prevent the plate from swinging and at a height of not less than thirty centimetres from the ground measuring from the bottom of such plate, in a place and position to be clearly visible and shall be maintained free from foreign materials and in a condition to be clearly legible to a person on the highway in front or in rear of the vehicle as the case may be.

i think it falls within these guidelines just fine...

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