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Re: How to get the best APR? Credit score?

Are you sure your score is a 610, and not a 710?* I mean a 610 does seem right for how you describe yourself, but a 610 is downright HORRIBLE.* I have no clue who told you that was a halfway decent score, but honestly, I doubt you'd even get approved for a new car loan w/out a huge downpayment w/ that low of a score and little to no credit history.* What have you been doing all your life?* Why don't you have credit cards, or installment loans, etc, anything to help build your credit?

It's true having your credit pulled "hurts" your score, but you have a period of time to do as many common pulls as you want, I think its a 2week period.* So if you shop around for auto loans w/in 2 weeks, then it would just show up as one inquiry and not hurt you.

edit, i'm 21 and my credit score is a 729, which is A-tier and I have no real problems getting approved for anything, sure my income is still somewhat low because I'm in school fulltime, but it's fine.

edit 2, my fiancee is 21 as well, and she has a credit score of 679, which isn't good, she can't even get a credit card w/out putting a deposit down, and I had to cosign on her car to actually get a reasonable rate, like under 20%, lol. She has 2 deliquencies on her credit report, like late payments basically, nothing else. Just something to chew on...

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