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FS: stickypod

Aight, I got this for auto-x... but really need money now.. heh. My video projects w/ auto-x need to be re-thought out, I can't run and try to capture video, and help run the events all at the same time, too much to do. So I'll sell this for now. All you get is as seen in the picture below:

The extensions are scratched up from metal/metal contact, but they were half way like they were in the shipping box.. has zero effect on performance. Sample of it in use here. I have not used it outside of the car, mine is waxed nicely and well, I'm not willing to risk a $700 camera or scuffs on the car. Seen it on the tops of cars at these events w/o a problem.. but I was going for a side mount.. and there wasn't a good spot I liked on the 3.

It's the pro-pack + 12 extension + extra short and long tether. The two screws in the center of the items are spares for connecting the rods together.

Bought it for $180 shipped. Looking to get $120 shipped USPS priority and insured. Handle on ebay is xmation, and if you're familiar w/, I'm on there under Lnguyen. And have a few transactions over at the fredmiranda forums under randomlinh. for more info on what you can do.
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