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Dreaming of buying a house?

Most expensive housing markets
From a Coldwell Banker: Where a four-bedroom, 2,200 square foot home costs the most..*

* Market* *Price*
La Jolla, CA* $1,875,000*
Santa Monica, CA* $1,766,666*
Beverly Hills, CA* $1,656,500*
Santa Barbara, CA* $1,603,750*
Palo Alto, CA* $1,550,000*
Newport Beach, CA* $1,499,000*
San Mateo, CA* $1,334,425*
San Francisco, CA* $1,300,000*
San Jose, CA* $1,272,625*
Greenwich, CT* $1,267,500*

Source:* Coldwell Banker

Least expensive cities
From Coldwell Banker: Where do houses cost the least?

* Market* *Price*
KIlleen, TX* $131,328*
Minot, ND* $133,266*
Beckley, WV* $137,875*
Arlington, TX* $139,510*
Billings, MT* $142,500*
Tulsa, OK* $142,600*
Parkersburg, WV* $146,000*
Fort Worth, TX* $148,610*
Yankton, SD* $149,521*
Grayling/Roscommon, MI* $149,600*

Source:* Coldwell Banker

It reasons to conclude, don't waste any more pennies.* If it not too late, put everything in your savings account, do not consume as much and stop buying those starbucks mochachinnos.....

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