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Re: Can you say Roadtrip?!?! (weed legal in the USA)

[quote author=wake6830 link=topic=32861.msg462736#msg462736 date=1130964917]
Can you say every fed in the country making busts in denver?

California made weed legal for medical use, and the feds don't care. they're still busting people, even if those people grow exclusively for their own personal, doctor-sanctioned use.

I don't smoke weed and don't have any urge to start doing so, but I can't wait for the day when this country matures a little bit more and drops some of the OMG WEED IS SATAN/OMG 1/4 SECOND OF BEWBS ON TV = HELL attitude. If some guy wants to smoke weed in his house after work or on a party, cool - as long as he's responsible with it like he would have to be if he was using alcohol. If he wants to tear around town at 90mph with his face in a bong or tries to sell to schoolkids, then it's a different story - just like it is if someone wants to drive drunk or tries to buy 40s for teenagers. We might as well have some light government oversight and put a little tax on it.



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