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Um am i gonna get busted?

I think it's ironic how so many people take their freedoms and civil liberties for grantend and shudder at the concept of having to support their country........

I mean, there are problems domestically and abroad, but to say that it'll always be someone else's responsibility or someone else's obligations is troubling.

I've gone through numerous situations where I have been wrongfully detained and falsely accused of actions that I did not do. Each time, I was put in a situation where my Constitutional rights were denied because another US Citizen felt compelled that they have some right to make sure their own safety isn't jeapordized. I'm really cynical over the intentions of my fellow US comrade. But I greatly appreciate the freedoms afforded by being a US citizen and a member of a democratic society. You don't know how valuable your freedom is until it gets taken away.

The defense system doesn't even want me anyway, I'm too skinny, my vision sucks, and I've got some health issues.

The draft may be seen as unfair and a symbol of government oppression since it forces citizens into situations that they don't want to be in. The problem is, there aren't enough citizens left willing to be put into the situations, and lawmakers are having an increasingly difficult time properly compensating those individuals who have a patriotic duty.

The draft won't make an apperance again unless we have WW3 and some country is dropping bombs on US cities.... but I hope at that if things get to that point, there are more people willing to take up some defense for their country.

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