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Autoshow in Motion: San Diego

Hey guys, just wanna say i went to the one in San Diego last weekend, and it was a blast, drove 4cars. Nissan Altima 2.5, BMW 325i, Chevy Corvette C06, Acura TL

Altima 2.5 - Surprising - Too bad they didnt have the 3.5 with the VQ engine there. What surprised me was how the car handled. For a car that big and that price, it handled quite well.

BMW 325i - "ultimate driving machine" MY ASS! - Even though i had to follow an old lady in a bigass cadillac for the 2nd half of the course. The 1st half let me test the 325i's acceleration, braking, and handling. And i have to say, NOT IMPRESSED! It's a 2.5 NA engine, so i knew what to expect. But the braking and handling disappointed me. Yeah the car was nice and tight, but it just didnt turn with the grace that one would expect from the "ultimate driving machine." I wouldnt pay $30,000 for a car that gets outperformed by a $20,000 Mazda3. The sequential gearbox wasnt as sporty as mine. It may be a bit faster on the straight (2.5liter vs my 2.3liter), but hahaha it was horrible at braking and handling.

Chevy Corvette - Well worth it - All i can say is that, this is the perfect sports car. The power was amazing, the handling and braking, holy jebus, that was amazing! This car literally handles like a dream, it makes you wanna say "Wait... this IS a corner... right?"

Acura TL - Disappointing - Interior is pimped, but man, the car wasnt that good, especially the engine. You think because it's a Honda motor, it'll be pretty revy right? But nope! The needle kinda stops at 2 for a second, and then it goes up VERY VERY slowly. The engine was not responsive at all. However, it did handle quite nice for a big car, better than the altima. But then again, it is that much more expensive. TL you got lucky because the G35 wasnt there.
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