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This thread deserves it's own congratulations I DID IT!!!

Originally Posted by "dioxviad"
Originally Posted by "Morgan"
Holy crap, I haven't even done one month and I'm at 1200 all ready. :P Then again, it took me four months for me to break in my WRX.

Im thinking another 2k then get the dealer service depatrment to intall a CAI and auto dim mirror when I go in for my first oil change.
Sounds like a plan. I installed my CAI on day three with my WRX, I was bad. >.< I'm not so into tuning up the 3 though.. but I think I had my first oil change around 1000 for the WRX, and I still need to do it for my 3. Basically the idea is that during the break in period, things like flakes of metal from the engine components have floated into the oil and you'll want to get those out ASAP. But eh... like I said, I've been lazy, especially after finding out that our cars work on filter cartridges as opposed to screw on filters! Doh!

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