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Eclipse VtecGt?

So i'm driving home , and this well let's just say boy comes up beside me on 234 by manasass in his 2002 eclipse i'm guessin on the year. He's got these horrible lights that are just hurtful to the eyes. His chair is leaned back like he's Shaq, and he give me a nod and floors it. I laugh and downshift to second his was an auto for sure no body kick or nothing. As soon as i hit third and my AEM started ROARING he looked over in amazment as i was pulling alongside him. :shock:
As i was pulling away he slammed on the brakes in shame now this happened 4-5 times on the way home ROAR, then brakes. So finally i get caught up in traffic ,and i slow down and he floors it after that he puts his flashers on! Now i'm cracking up so i get behind him at the light i say to myself i hope that's not a GT. Ok it's not good! It says VTECH [email protected]!!!!
So one more time we go at it , and as soon as he hears the intake he slams on the brakes. So at the next light i roll down my window ,and i ask him"When does your VTECH kick in?" He says "only in the morning"!!!!!!!!!

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