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Originally Posted by eGuru View Post
I would give him credit for his knowledge and experience if only there was less pontificating, posts with a more pleasant tone, and more objective content in the posts.

On the positive side, glad that someone is keeping this dying forum alive.
I kinda like this member..he got honest attitude no bullshit from this guy!

Its almost funny when I read this considering....
The purchase of my 2018 MAZDA was on royalties of performance products I engineer and designed
The Mazda 3 was only suppose to be a DD and not a project. But like any true car NUT I got the bug to make it better.
You know I am this way in person, I dont hide like so many behind a key board.
PM and I will gladly give members I feel are not absolute ass O, my phone number and address.
This is not my first forum and will not be my last. If I sell my MAZDA I will move on.
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