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Originally Posted by M3RacerX View Post
Well I can see that you are not reading the responses completely and only picking out things in a response that you want!
Go re-read from the beginning of this thread again to get your answer!
Also I noticed that you are ye another that makes sensational information without ever even shown to have had a cold air intake or modified air intake system or component and run first a baseline Chassis DYNO run and then with a component with duplicated delta set to compare results. But you are good to say things dont or may not work

Having reviewed from the beginning of this thread, I see that the only objective evidence that was presented is the link provided by Mr AMSOIL. All the rest is unsupported opinions in support of K&N.

M3RacerX's positive feelings about K&N air filters does not mean they are superior.

Seems that M3RacerX, having joined earlier this year and having already posted 750 times in this forum may see himself to be an expert in many aspects of automotive technology.

I would give him credit for his knowledge and experience if only there was less pontificating, posts with a more pleasant tone, and more objective content in the posts.

On the positive side, glad that someone is keeping this dying forum alive.
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